I’m so spineless…I wanted to see you one more time.

And if I had to go so far as to betray that wish…Yes, I knew I could shoulder any sin.

No matter what I became, I knew I’d be fine with it.

As long as I could have you by my side.


quick doodles from last night ☼

The person I reblogged this from has a quality blog and I recommend you all follow them


Played around with Gouache and drew all of my favourite megas so far in ORAS. 

scanner ruined some things cries. 


pixel redraw of usagi ῍̻̩✧(´͈ ૢᐜ `͈ૢ)˖῍̻̩


Bonbonribbon seal (o’ω’)


what the FUCK is that hideous yellow circle in the sky

Lolita clothing makes me happy